Research: Financial Interest of Faculty

This site provides the public with information concerning the external financial interests of School of Medicine (SOM) faculty.  The data below represent faculty disclosures for 1 October 2019 to 1 October 2020.

The research, patient care, education, and community service missions of the SOM must be conducted with the greatest integrity, avoiding the appearance of bias in order to maintain public trust.  SOM faculty are required to report all significant financial relationships with organizations outside of the University that are related to their institutional responsibilities, both annually and any time new financial interests arise.  These reports are evaluated for actual or potential financial conflicts with the missions of the SOM, as defined by federal regulations, state law, and University policy.

The SOM does not equate external financial interests with conflicts of interest; rather, the School recognizes the benefits of and supports appropriate academic-industry collaborations.  Such collaborations between faculty-physicians and pharmaceutical or medical device companies lead to the development of new drugs, treatments, or devices to improve health care options.  Patients should feel free to ask their physician about any relationship he or she may have with a company and whether and how that relationship affects the clinical care being provided.

This site lists the following significant financial interests associated with their institutional responsibilities:

  • Ownership interests exceeding $5,000 or 3% (for publicly traded companies) or any interests in non-publicly traded companies.  Ownership interests include those of the faculty member and immediate family.
  • Income from a single entity that exceeds $5,000.  Reported income includes both the faculty member and her/his immediate family.  We have broken these reports into the following categories:
    • Consulting income
    • Non-consulting income (royalties, gifts, dividends, etc.)
    • Sponsored and reimbursed travel (regardless of value).  Academic institutions and academic medical centers are excluded from this disclosure requirement, in agreement with federal policy.
  • Industry-sponsored grants and contracts that were active during the reporting year, in the role of Principal Investigator.  These agreements flowed through the University, so any resulting financial benefit received by our faculty was included in their institutional remuneration.

For further information on how professional relationships between industry and SOM faculty are governed and managed at the School of Medicine, please refer to the policies below:

Ownership interests exceeding $5,000 or 3% (for publicly traded companies) or any interests in non-publicly traded companies