Research: Instructions for Completing CITI Conflict of Interest Modules

Instructions for new CITI user

  1. Begin at the CITI Home page:  www.citiprogram.orgYou must use a computer whose IP address is in the domain.
    1. If you have already completed other CITI training (e.g., human subjects), log in at “Already Registered” and skip to instructions for existing CITI users.
    2. If you created your CITI account at another institution, skip to instructions for transfer it to UVA.
  2. If you are new CITI user, click on New Users Register Here.
  3. Under Participating Institution, select “University of Virginia” (near the bottom of this alphabetized list).   Skip the rest under #1 and proceed to #2.
    1. Create Your Username and Password.  Use your UVa computing ID and create your own password.
    2. Create a security question and answer.
    3. Enter your name.
    4. Enter your UVa e-mail address.
    5. You don’t need CME credit.
    6. You don’t have to complete the course survey; this is up to you, but answering the question is required.
  4. At the bottom click Submit.
  5. The next page asks for some UVa specific information; provide the required information.
  6. At the bottom click Submit.
  7. On the next screen, Select Curriculum; scroll down to item 5.  Click Yes for Question 5 (“Would you like to take the Conflicts of Interest course?”).  Then click on Continue (at the bottom).
  8. Then, follow the “instructions for existing CITI users,” given just below.

Instructions for existing CITI users:

  1. Under University of Virginia (near the bottom of the page), select Add a course or update your learner groups forUniversity of Virginia
  2. On the page which follows, scroll down to Question 5  (‘Would you like to take the Conflicts of Interest course?”).  Select Yes and continue at the bottom.
  3. Complete the introduction and the next two modules and their associated quizzes:  “Financial Conflicts of Interest” and “Institutional Responsibilities as they affect Investigators.”  To receive credit, you must achieve a combined score of 80% across the two quizzes.  You can re-take a quiz until you achieve that level of competence.
  4. To confirm completion of your training, go to the Main Menu page.
  5. Click on See a list of all modules that you have completed to verify your status or click on Print for a completion report.

Instructions for transferring a CITI account to UVA:

  1. Starting at the Main Menu page, click on Affiliate with another institution;
  2. Select “University of Virginia” from the list of participating institutions and click on Submit;
  3. When you return to the Main Menu page, click on Change CITI Account Information.
  4. Enter your UVa e-mail address as the “preferred e-mail address” and click on Submit.