Research Status

  • Student is not eligible to receive any Financial Aid funds while enrolled in Research
  • Student will be reported as full time to the clearinghouse
    • Loans will be deferred while in Research status
  • Student will pay a reduced tuition ($206 per term for 2017-18) and full student fees (varies by in-state or out-of-state status)
    • The department can pay these costs for the student if they choose to
  • Research status must correspond with billing periods Fall/Spring
    • Students may not take electives or clerkships during research status enrollment
    • Research status can be for 1 or 2 semesters
  • Students retain hospital ID and access to library, student services
  • If research occurs between 3rd and 4th year, student must complete Step 2 CK and CS as well as all clerkships before beginning research in the fall
  • Students in research status are covered by medical malpractice liability insurance
  • Students must still adhere to 6 year graduation limit
  • Students may be paid for research while enrolled in research status
  • Students must engage in research at UVA
  • Students are expected to engage in research, as part of the research course, for at least 35 hours per week
  • Students will be evaluated by faculty supervisor at completion of research status
  • Students must submit a research report to the course director at completion


  • Student presents formal plan to College Dean
  • Student secures a position in a UVA research project
  • College Dean approves research status, emails registrar
  • Registrar enrolls student in research at the next billing period

Learning Objectives

  1. Perform a critical reading of the scientific literature to understand the field of study
  2. Identify a research project and develop the experimental design
  3. Collect accurate data and perform critical analysis and interpretation of results

Course director: Amy Bouton, PhD