Salary Support Expectations for Faculty

Date: November 9, 2020
Number: 1.640
Status: Final

Contact Office:
Director of Faculty Affair
PO Box 800793
phone: 434-243-4078

Oversight Executive:
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
PO Box 800793
phone: 434-924-9030

Applies to:
All faculty whose primary appointment is in the School of Medicine except for faculty who are in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). Salary expectations for BME faculty are governed by a separate policy that applies to faculty members in the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Reason for Policy:
This policy outlines the salary support expectations for all faculty in the School of Medicine.

Definition of Terms:
Faculty: Any individual who has a faculty contract for full-or part-time employment with the School of Medicine, is compensated for their effort, and who is not a member of classified staff, professional/administrative faculty (who are covered by the Employment of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty policy), or the professional research staff (research assistants, research associate, research scientist, senior scientist, or principal scientist, who are covered by the Professional Research Staff policy).

Policy Statement:

CLINICAL FACULTY –Salary expectations for clinical faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure-track clinical faculty) are governed by the Clinical Faculty Remuneration Plan. Faculty must have a break-even or better balance on the Clinical Faculty Remuneration Plan by the end of their third year of employment.

ACADEMIC INVESTIGATORS-The School of Medicine has a minimum expectation of 50% salary and fringe support from extramural sources for tenured or tenure-track academic investigators with three or more years of service. Individual department chairs may implement higher minimum expectations but they may not implement lower expectations than those set by the School. If a department does not have a minimum expectation, the School’s minimum expectation of 50% will be applied.

RESEARCH FACULTY AND PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH STAFF-Research Faculty and Professional Research Staff are expected to have their salaries covered by extramural funds and the continuation of appointment to these positions is contingent on the availability of funds

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Revision History: 
Created March 13, 2007; revised May 15, 2007; policy links updated 3/31/14; administrative updates 1/29/15; 1/22/18; administrative updates 7/27/20; administrative update 11/9/20

David S. Wilkes, MD
January 22, 2018