Volunteering at Healthcare Events – Students

Date: September 15, 2020
Number: 4.500
Status: Final

Contact Office:
Office of Educational Affairs
PO Box 8000057
Phone: 434-243-2522

Oversight Executive:
Senior Associate Dean for Education
PO Box 800005
Phone: 434-243-2522

Applies to:
School of Medicine (SOM) faculty, staff, students, and others teaching or learning within the program leading to the MD degree at the School of Medicine.

Reason for this policy:
The School of Medicine encourages students to be active in our community and volunteer their time, and must ensurespecific procedures are followed in order for students to becovered under the University’s liability risk management plan.

Policy Statement:
Students who are interested in organizing or volunteering in a health care event or fair first must secure a clinical faculty advisor/supervisor for such activities. The faculty member then must secure permission and sponsorship from their department chair. Students are covered under the University’s liability risk management plan only when the event is under the auspices of a clinical department and students are acting within the capacity authorized by the clinical department.

Revision History: Implemented July 28, 2011; revised 9/15/20

Approved September 15, 2020, by
David S. Wilkes, MD