Timeliness of Summative Assessment and Grades



To establish the time by which students are required to receive the results of summative assessments and final grades with narrative comments.


All faculty and medical students.


  1. All required courses will post assessment results (e.g., quiz, exam, OSCE, NBME shelf, etc.) and narrative comments in the evaluation system as soon as they are available.
  2. All required courses must submit final grades within 5 weeks (35 days) of the last day of the course, including narrative comments. Final grade submission should also include any grades of Incomplete where the student could not complete all course requirements due to circumstances not under the control or the student. (See details pertaining to Incomplete grades in the Grade Policy).
    1. The exception to this rule is the grade for the required Advanced Clinical Elective (ACE) in Phase 3, which must be submitted by the end of 2 weeks (14 days) from completion of the course so that narrative commentary can be made available to the Medical Student Performance evaluation (MSPE).


  1. Evaluators and course/clerkship directors must submit summative assessments and final grades with narrative comments into the learning management system (OASIS). If assistance in this process is needed, evaluators should contact the course coordinator.
  2. Evaluators should submit their student performance evaluations within the learning management system (OASIS) within 2 weeks of the end of the course or clerkship. Anyone needing assistance with rating student performance or having concerns about a student’s performance should contact the course/clerkship director.
  3. To encourage the timeliness of final grade submissions, course and clerkship directors will be notified of all evaluators who have not submitted their student evaluations 2 weeks after the end of a required course.
  4. The SOM Registrar will check for grade submissions by the end of the 5th week in Phase 1 and 2 and will inform the Associate Dean for Curriculum of any delinquencies. The Phase 3 Administrator will do the same for Phase 3 required courses and will report any delinquencies to the Associate Dean for Curriculum.
  5. Failure to submit grades by the deadline the first time will result in a conversation between the course/clerkship director and the Associate Dean for Curriculum to help address any barriers. Failure to submit grades twice in an academic year potentially will result in removal of the course/clerkship director from their position or withholding of teaching dollars to the course director’s department.
  6. UVA SOM selected the 5-week (35 day) deadline to ensure compliance with the 6-week (42 days) Liaison Committee Medical Education (LCME) expectation.


The Curriculum Committee approves changes to this policy.

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  • Next scheduled review June 2025
  • Approved by the Curriculum Committee February 14, 2022