Transfer of Research Equipment from the School of Medicine to Other Research Institutions

Date: May 6, 2014
Policy ID: 2.410
Status: Final

Contact Office:
Assistant Dean for Research Administration
School of Medicine, Dean’s Office
PO Box 800793
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0793
Phone: 434-924-8426

Oversight Executive:
Senior Associate Dean for Research
School of Medicine, Dean’s Office
PO Box 800793
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Phone: 434-243-7088

Applies to:
Any faculty member who wishes to transfer research equipment from the University of Virginia School of Medicine to another research institution.

Reason for Policy:
This policy clarifies the circumstances under which a faculty member may be permitted to transfer research equipment to another research institution.

Definition of Terms:
“Equipment” refers to any items that are defined as such by the source of funds used for their purchase.For instance, the National Institutes of Health generally uses a minimum purchase price of $5,000 to define equipment.

Policy Statement:
The Financial and Administrative Policies Manual of the University of Virginia (Policy X.A.2, referenced below)sets forth the policy and procedures for the transfer of research equipment from the University of Virginia to other entities.As a further clarification of this University policy as applied within the School of Medicine, the following conditions are established:

  1. If a faculty member’s federal or foundation grant will be transferred in an active condition to that faculty member’s next place of employment in a research institution, research equipment previously purchased from these same fund sources will generally be considered for transfer when all of the applicable procedures are followed.
  2. Equipment purchased with gift account, state, and/or institutional funds (e.g., using start-up funds provided by the institution or department, School of Medicine R&D Committee funds, etc.) will be retained by the School of Medicine.Under special circumstances, when it is not considered beneficial for the institution to retain equipment purchased from these fund sources, it is possible to donate or sell items directly to other agencies within the Commonwealth. Such transfers must follow the requirements of Policy X.A.2 (referenced below) and may not include computers or electronic equipment that must be disposed of through eCycleSecure (see
  3. Equipment purchased through the Equipment Trust Fund program must always remain at the University of Virginia.
  4. If equipment was purchased with funds from the departing faculty member’s grant and that grant is no longer active, the faculty member’s department chair will make a recommendation to the dean regarding whether or not the equipment should be allowed to transfer.
  5. The faculty member requesting the transfer of equipment must understand that approval is not automatic and appropriate justification is required.

Financial Procedure 10-1(,“Preparation of Equipment Inventory Change Request,”outlines the procedures to be followed and links to the necessary form.All requests must have the written approval of the department chair and the dean of the School of Medicine or the dean’s designee.If the request is from a department chair, the dean or the dean’s designee must provide written approval.

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Next Scheduled Review: March 2017

Revision History: Policy implemented January 1998; revised 4/30/08, 4/7/11, 5/6/14


Dean Nancy Dunlap Signature
Nancy E. Dunlap, MD, PhD, MBA                                                      May 6, 2014