Tamm Lab at the July, 2016 FASEB Summer Research Conference in Snowmass, CO

                        The UVA School of Medicine was well represented at the July, 2016 FASEB Summer Research Conference in Snowmass, CO. Included in this photo are many UVA SOM people including Dr. Lukas Tamm, co-chair and organizer of the meeting (center front row), and Dr. […]

Alex Kreutzberger – Best Student Poster Award FASEB

Congratulations to Alex Kreutzberger for winning the Best Student Poster Award at the FASEB research conference on Molecular Biophysics of Membranes held in Snowmass, CO in July 2016. Alex works in the lab of Lukas Tamm and his poster was entitled “Calcium-mediated docking and fusion of purified dense core vesicles with reconstituted membranes”

Congratulations to Sung-Tae Yang and Volker Kiessling with Lukas Tamm for their contribution to Nature Communications

Abstract Lipids and proteins are organized in cellular membranes in clusters, often called ‘lipid rafts’. Although raft-constituent ordered lipid domains are thought to be energetically unfavourable for membrane fusion, rafts have long been implicated in many biological fusion processes. For the case of HIV gp41-mediated membrane fusion, this apparent contradiction can be resolved by recognizing […]

Alex Kreutzberger, Binyong Liang and Volker Kiessling published in Biophysical Journal Letters

Congratulations to Alex Kreutzberger, Binyong Liang and Volker Kiessling on the acceptance of their paper  in Biophysical Journal Letters on new and better ways to prepare plasma membrane acceptor SNARE complexes! This article is in press.

Congratulations to Binyong Liang for his paper accepted in Nature Structure and Molecular Biology

Congratulations to Binyong whose “Perspective” on NMR of membrane proteins was accepted last week by Nature Structure and Molecular Biology.

Tamm Lab at the Tom Tom Festival

Our project “Biophysics and biochemistry of membrane proteins on the surface of Pseudomonas aeruginosa” was presented at Tom Tom Festival on April 13th, 2016 at the Paramount Theater in downtown Charlottesville. Pictured are members of the Tamm Lab,  Dr. Binyong Liang, Iga Kucharska and Nicholas Ursini.