Women’s History Month Spotlight Pt. 19

March 26, 2017 by

Here we have another fantastic UVA physician ,

Coleen A. McNamara, MD

Coleen McNamara obtained her medical degree from the Medical College of Ohio (now the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio).  She attended residency and fellowship at the University of Coleen McNamaraVirginia, focusing on cardiovascular medicine. Specifically, Dr. McNamara has been interested in atherosclerosis, as well as obesity and diabetes in relation to cardiac health. Her research has delved into the health consequences of these diseases such as stroke, heart attack and peripheral vascular disease.

Dr. McNamara’s primary appointments are as the Edward W. and Betty Knight Scripps Professor of Internal Medicine as well as the Principle Investigator at the University of Virginia’s McNamara Lab. This lab studies atherosclerosis in relation to the above epidemics of obesity and diabetes. She holds the position of Professor and Vice Chair of Faculty Development for the Department of Medicine, and has a joint appointment with the Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics department. Additionally, she continues to be an active member of the Robert M Berne Cardiovascular Research Center.