Casanova, James E.

James E. Casanova

James E. Casanova

Primary Appointment

Professor, Cell Biology


  • BS, Biology, Southern Connecticut State University
  • PhD, Cell Biology, Wesleyan Univeristy
  • Postdoc, Cell Biology, Whitehead Institute
  • Postdoc, Cell Biology, University of California, San Francisco

Contact Information

Telephone: 434-243-4821

Research Interests

Role of Arf family GTPases in vesicular transport and cytoskeleton assembly.<br> Cell Biology of bacterial pathogenesis. <br>The innate immune response to bacterial infection.

Research Description

Arf-family GTPases; molecular switches controlling vesicular transport and cytoskeleton assembly: The Arfs are a family of six small, Ras-like GTP-binding proteins that are important regulators of vesicular transport in all eukaryotic cells. Generally speaking, the Arfs nucleate the assembly of coat protein complexes at sites of carrier vesicle formation, and it is these coats that both select cargo for transport and deform the donor membrane to form a vesicle. We are particularly interested in the function of Arfs in endocytosis and the post-endocytic sorting and trafficking of membrane proteins. We are using two complementary approaches to define the function of individual Arfs in these processes;

Selected Publications