Adding or Updating Faculty Profiles

Please visit to update information found on this Research Faculty Directory or across the website as a whole.

What web pages are fed by this process?

Any profiles inside of or any pages that end with facbio=1&id=XXXXX (with XXXXX being the unique ID of the faculty member).

When do the pages get updated?

A process runs every morning to copy the data from to Emergency changes can also be made by request.

How does someone get removed from the Directory?

The update process cannot currently turn off a profile. Please use the contact form below to have someone removed after they’ve left UVA.

Where does the faculty publication data come from?

The publication information either comes from the now defunct Curvita database or from Symplectic Elements |

You can change from Curvita to Elements data by using the switch at the bottom of the Profile editing page.

How can I change the look of these pages?

Please direct look and feel questions to the Digital Media Support Team.

How do I create my lab website?

Please contact the Digital Media Support Team, via their Lab Website Request Form.

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Update Profile Data
Update Publication Data

Questions / Request Security Access

If you have any questions or need access to help edit someone else’s profile or publication data, please fill complete the form below: