Hossack, John A.

John A. Hossack

John A. Hossack

Primary Appointment

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Contact Information

Telephone: 434-243-5866
Email: jh7fj@virginia.edu
Website: http://www.faculty.virginia.edu/hossack/

Research Interests

Diagnostic Ultrasound Transducers; Beam Forming and Imaging. Breast Ultrasound; Obstructive Sleep Apnea; 3D Ultrasound and Microbubbles

Research Description

This research work focuses primarily on improving the diagnostic confidence of medical ultrasound by improving image quality.

It involves improved transducers, beamforming, and image processing and is ultimately directed toward the measurement of physiologically significant parameters such as vessel elasticity.

The performance of an imaging system is limited by the weakest link in the image formation system. The recent advent of harmonic imaging has caused transducer bandwidth to become a critical issue. Increasing transducer bandwidth is one important element of this research. As transducer bandwidth improves, a number of new image signal processing schemes may be enabled. For example, images acquired using independent frequency bands may be combined so that the ultrasound speckle in each of the two images averages out to produce a reduced speckle and a more diagnostically useful image.

Another area of interest is three-dimensional imaging, which has important diagnostic relevance since it makes diagnosis more accurate and reliable. In particular, we are interested in extending work on a new method of 3-D ultrasound image acquisition which involves a modified transducer array and image motion tracking in each of three image planes to determine the position and orientation of acquired 2-D images in 3-D space.

Selected Publications