Gautam, Jitendra K.

Jitendra K. Gautam

Jitendra K. Gautam

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor of Research, Medicine: Nephrology


  • PhD, Institute of Microbial Technology,

Contact Information

Telephone: 3-6579

Research Interests

Immune System Modulation

Research Description

Inflammation is believed to be the key for the initiation of various diseases including autoimmune processes like glomerulonephritis. Toll Like Receptors (TLRs), which form the backbone of the innate immune system, are the critical first responders in the initiation of the inflammatory response. Their role becomes even more relevant with the knowledge that the innate immune system even instructs the adaptive immune response. TLRs are pattern recognition receptors (PRR), recognizing conserved molecular patterns. Several endogenous and exogenous ligands in the inflammatory processes of various renal diseases have been described. Studying molecular mechanisms of the TLR signaling in relationship to renal disease is the focus of my research. Previously we have described the crucial amino acids needed for signaling of TLR2/1 and have proposed a model for their interaction, which now has been well validated by other investigators. Using our TLR signaling expertise we are working on designing ways to modulate the immune system for beneficial effects in controverting the development of autoimmune glomerulonephritis.

Selected Publications