Ai named Charter Member of NIH Study Section

Dr. Ai has been appointed by NIH as a charter member of the Imaging Guided Interventions and Surgery – IGIS study section. Dr. Ai will hold the position four years, attending…

Andy’s thesis defense

Congratulations to Andy (now Dr. Yeh) to successfully defend his PhD thesis on March 18, 2019. Andy will continue his postdoctoral training with Prof. David Baker, a leader in computational…

2019 Methods to Watch

Nature Methods in its 2019 Janurary issue selected bioluminescence (improved luciferases and luciferins) as a Method to Watch in 2019.  Our work is highlighted in this short article:

ACS Toxicology Young Investigators Award

Dr. Huiwang Ai received the 2017 American Chemical Society Chemical Research in Toxicology Young Investigators Award for "applying innovative chemical technologies to the solution of important toxicology problems". [Read more]

Detecting thioredoxin

Nature Chemical Biology: A fluorescent biosensor to monitor thioredoxin (Trx) redox activity called TrxRFP1 was developed by genetically linking Trx1 to the redox-sensitive red fluorescent protein, rxRFP1. TrxRFP1 was used to…