Recent manuscripts

X. Tian, Y. Zhang, and H-w. Ai*, “ATP-Independent Water-Soluble Luciferins Enable Non-Invasive High-Speed Video-Rate Bioluminescence Imaging of Mice”. bioRxiv, doi:

Zhao, S.; Xiong, Y.; Sunnapu, R.; Zhang, Y.; Tian, X.; Ai, H. W.; Bioluminescence Imaging of Potassium Ion Using a Sensory Luciferin and an Engineered Luciferase, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2024, 146 (19), 13406–13416

Zhang, J.; Li, Z.; Pang, Y.; Fan, Y.; Ai, H. W., Genetically Encoded Boronolectin as a Specific Red Fluorescent UDP-GlcNAc Sensor. ACS Sensors, 2023, doi: Selected as “ACS Editors’ Choice”. One of the top 10 most-read papers at ACS Sensors in July 2023.

T. Wu, M. Kumar, J. Zhang, S. Zhao, M. Drobizhev, M. McCollum, C.T. Anderson, Y. Wang, A. Pokorny, X. Tian, Y. Zhang, T. Tzounopoulos*, and H-w. Ai*, “A Far-Red Fluorescent Protein Indicator for Imaging Synaptically-Released Zn2+”.  Science Advances, 2023, 9, eadd2058.

Y. Xiong, Y. Zhang, Z. Li, M.S. Reza, X. Li, X. Tian, and H-w. Ai*, “Engineered Amber-Emitting Nano Luciferase and Its Use for Immunobioluminescence Imaging In Vivo”. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022,

A luciferase prosubstrate and a red bioluminescent calcium indicator to image neuronal activity, Xiaodong Tian, Yiyu Zhang, Xinyu Li, Ying Xiong, Tianchen Wu, Hui-wang Ai*, Nature Communications, 13, 3967 (2022)