2018 Outstanding BMG Student Award-Rebecca Wilson

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Congratulations to Rebecca Wilson for being selected as the 2018 BMG Outstanding Graduate Student!

Rebecca (Becky) Wilson came to us in 2012 and after three rotations chose the laboratory of Zhen Yan for her dissertation work.  She was exceptionally productive, coauthoring 7 publications (2 first author).  She has been active at the national level with both talks and posters (Best poster award from ASBMB Experimental Biology in 2016).  While at UVa, she was supported by the Cardiovascular Research Training Grant which was superseded by an American Heart Association Pre-doctoral Fellowship.

Her defense was entitled: “Interventions for Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Skeletal Muscle” and occurred on Thursday December 14, 2017 at the Rotunda (always a great venue for visitors and guests).

Becky is currently studying mitochondrial involvement in neuromuscular physiology, as well as evaluating mechanisms of biological networks that maintain mitochondrial integrity and energy homeostasis that link lifestyle factors to poor health outcomes. Her postdoctoral sponsor is Dr. Deborah Muoio, an internationally recognized leader in metabolic reprogramming @ the Molecular Physiology Institute, Duke University.

With this award, we are advancing your nomination to competition for the Peach and Hungerford awards which will be announced at the annual GBS symposium.  It is the expectation of the selection committee that you will participate in the GBS symposium (April 10th) and thus you should respond in the affirmative when you are contacted regarding an oral presentation.




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