Research Labs

Auble Lab  –  Gene  Expression In Eukaryotes

Bekiranov Lab  –  Machine Learning/AI for Biomedical Applications

Bielinsky Lab  –  Genome Instability Syndromes & Rare Genetic Diseases

Egelman Lab  –  Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Jiang Lab  –  Gene Dysregulation and Disease

Mayo Lab  –  Lung Cancer

Mohi Lab  –   Blood Cancers

Paschal Lab  –  Prostate Cancer

Smith Lab  –  Cellular Mechanisms of Aging

Stukenberg Lab  –  Mitosis and Disease

Wotton Lab  –  Control of Tumor Progression

Wang Lab  –  DNA Sequences In Living Cells & Human Disease

Zhang Lab  –  Target identification and drug discovery in cancer biology