Yuh-Hwa Wang Lab

At the Wang Lab, with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, our research focus is to understand the structure and function of unusual DNA sequences in living cells, and how these sequences/structures cause genome instability and lead to human diseases. 

Currently, we are interested in human chromosomal fragile sites which are co-localized to chromosomal deletions and gene rearrangements found in many cancers.  Our studies are aimed at understanding the genesis of breakpoints that occur at or near fragile sites during oncogenesis. Also, by measuring the extent of double-stranded DNA breaks in cells, which reflects an outcome of chemical exposure and DNA repair, we explore DNA fragility at key genomic regions as a functional indicator for cancer risk assessment.

We believe that science, like all other pursuits, is best achieved when many different viewpoints and ways of thinking are involved. Similarly, we believe that the only way to foster that environment is to work to make sure our lab and our broader research environment is welcoming to those of all different backgrounds, identities, and orientations.