2019 Jefferson Scholars Foundation Award-Dr. Patrick Grant

April 8, 2019 by zrb8mf@virginia.edu   |   Leave a Comment

PatrickGrantPDF_04252019  Patrick Grant  received the Jefferson Scholars Foundation’s Award for Excellence in Teaching from UVA.  This is a very competitive award which needs extensive support from students and fellow faculty.  Patrick is a very humorous and engaging lecturer who has consistently received kudos from the medical students for his ability to make the subject entertaining.  It is wonderful to see his skills being recognized.

Every year the Foundation recognizes current U.Va. faculty for exceptional classroom teaching through its Faculty Awards Program.

“The Jefferson Scholars Foundation remains committed to helping U.Va. attract and retain faculty who are passionate about being a part of the University community. Professors who create transformative classroom experiences and who are leading-edge researchers in their fields ultimately help the Foundation fulfill its mission to attract to Grounds outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

Through two different initiatives, the Foundation ensures that talented teachers, researchers, and professors are recognized for their efforts to enhance the learning experience for students and are able to continue making their mark on the University.”



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