Ed Egelman and Jerry Wang: Cell Paper-The electron conducting properties of heme-based bacterial nano-wires

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Congratulations to Ed and Jerry, whose  paper on the electron conducting properties of heme-based bacterial nano-wires was just published in Cell, with significant coverage in the press.


Structure of Microbial Nanowires Reveals Stacked Hemes that Transport Electrons over Micrometers

Fengbin Wang, Yangqi Gu, J. Patrick O’Brien, …, Allon I. Hochbaum, Edward H. Egelman, Nikhil S. Malvankar

2019, Cell 177, 361–369

-Geobacter nanowires are made up of micrometer-long polymerization of cytochrome OmcS

-All hemes are closely stacked (<4–6 A˚ ), providing a continuous path for electron flow

-We show that these are the same filaments that were earlier thought as type IV pili

-This structure explains the molecular basis for electron conduction in protein wires









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