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Dancing with Black Widow Spiders


New York Times contributor Jack Landers shares his personal encounter with a black widow spider and the University of Virginia toxicologist who cared for him in the hospital.

“Molly” responsible for growing number of hospitalizations, deaths.


On Sunday 9/1, the New York City Mayor’s office cancelled the third day of a concert when 2 concert-goers died and 4 were hospitalized after taking the drug “Molly.” Molly…

Proctor & Gamble Changes Packaging in Response to Injuries


In response to numerous injuries to young children, Proctor and Gamble announced changes to containers of their concentrated laundry detergent pods. The changes are designed to make it difficult to…

Snakebite! Article by David Maurer


David Maurer is an excellent feature writer for the Daily Progress. But in the summer of 2012, he also became a victim of a copperhead snakebite and a patient of…