The University of Virginia Department of Dermatology is home to the Institute for Dermatologic Research and Advancement (IDRA), which is focused on investigator-initiated as well as commercial/industry-sponsored research endeavors. Our goal is to first and foremost provide the most up to date dermatologic care for our patients while advancing knowledge of cutaneous disease. IDRA is actively recruiting clinical trials in psoriasis, vascular anomalies, neurocutaneous disease, procedural dermatology, cutaneous malignancy, alopecia areata, graft-versus-host disease and others.

Current Research Endeavors

LITE Study

A large multi-center programmatic randomized study led by Dr. Joel Gelfand at University of Pennsylvania, assessing NB-UVB therapy for psoriasis in the office and at home settings. UVA is proud to be a collaborating site and is actively recruiting patients. For more information, contact LITE Study at (434)243-0315 or

PIK3CA Inhibitor therapy

Industry-sponsored trial with Venthera using a novel topical PIK3CA inhibitor (VT30) for patients with venous, lymphatic or mixed malformations. UVA has been selected as a study site for Phase 1 studies of this topical agent. Recruitment is ongoing at the present time.

CTP543 for treatment of alopecia areata

This is  two part, double-blind, randomized, multicenter study to evaluate the regrowth of hair with CTP-543 (an oral JAK inhibitor) and subsequent durability of that regrowth following dose reduction in adult patients with moderate  to severe alopecia areata.  We are actively recruiting patients for this trail.

RESTAGE (REview of cSCC Tumor Attributes Gauged via MMS cross-sectional Evaluation)

A retrospective analysis of high risk features of cSCC identified in cross sectional analysis of stages taken during Mohs micrographic surgery. Currently in progress.

COMFY Blanket trial

A randomized controlled trial analyzing factors that mitigate the perioperative patient experience in Mohs micrographic surgery. Currently actively recruiting patients.

GVHD multicenter pathophysiology trial

A large multicenter trial sponsored by UVA, to evaluate molecular and cellular signals related to the pathogenesis and treatment of GVHD. In addition, novel techniques of collecting tissue specific signatures from biopsy-independent technologies will be assessed.


For more information about IDRA or participation in clinical trials, please contact IDRA Research Coordinator:

Lauren Kuhns at