Personal Statement

New Personal Statement Requirements for 2023-24

The purpose of the personal statement is to provide your narrative of accomplishments, current activities and future directions. For 2023-24, you are also required to add two stand-alone statements:

  • Describe engagement with learners in your mission area of excellence (clinical, research, education, community).
  • Give a brief self-evaluation regarding adherence to ASPIRE values. You should describe your contributions to at least one of the ASPIRE values (Accountability, Stewardship, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Equity).

Personal statement that do not include these points will be returned.”

Preparing Your Personal Statement

Be sure to view the Writing Your Personal Statement Video (view presentation slides). Learn how to compose and format your personal statement for promotion and tenure.

Personal Statement Guidelines
  1. Consider your audience, which will include referees and P&T committee members who are scientists and physicians.
  2. List the high level points you wish to convey. As you write, stay at a summary level and do not go into too much detail on any one point.
  3. Consider starting with the most important part of your job and ending with a summary.
  4. We encourage you to submit up to two pages.
  5. Use active voice, which makes your writing stronger and more direct.

Sample Personal Statements

Access to SharePoint requires an Eservices password. If you do not know your password, reset it here by logging in with your UVA Health credentials.

The faculty listed below have given permission to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development to share their personal statements. There are new personal statement requirements for 2023-24 that will not be reflected in the sample statements–ASPIRE Self-Evaluation and engagement with learners.

ASPIRE Self-Evaluation

Here is one example of an ASPIRE self-evaluation: “My adherence to the ASPIRE values is demonstrated in my commitment to equity. In my teaching activities, I prepare the presentations with attention to the use of inclusive, non-biased language, images, and interactions. I begin each session by stating my intent to be inclusive and unbiased, and I invite feedback during the session and in session evaluations regarding my performance relative to my goal. To date, all feedback has been positive and affirming of my work towards my goal.”

Engagement with Learners

Include a stand-alone description of your engagement with learners in your personal statement. Engagement with learners may take many forms, such as teaching, mentoring, hosting students in your lab, co-authoring posters/papers/abstracts, participating in a student interest group, designing curriculum, hiring a work-study student.

Tenure Eligible Tracks
Tenure Ineligible Tracks