Dean’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentorship


The Dean’s Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award recognizes the essential contribution of effective faculty mentorship in achieving institutional excellence and promoting an inclusive culture. This award pertains to mentorship of faculty at UVA specifically. Nominees will be evaluated on the quality, efficacy, and magnitude of their mentorship. Criteria for the award include consistent demonstration of all of the following:

  • Provide counsel and expertise that furthers the professional and academic development of faculty, allowing mentees to measurably develop independence and their own professional identity;
  • Encourage innovation, supporting the development of projects and acquisition of skills;
  • Offer content expertise in a relevant capacity, be accessible;
  • Serve as an excellent role model at the institution and within the profession, upholding the ASPIRE values;
  • Challenge the mentee and set high, clear expectations, provide constructive critique;
  • Support an inclusive environment, involve the mentee in opportunities that advance the mentee’s academic development and provide valuable exposure within professional organizations and networks;
  • Promote the mentee’s accomplishments and value to the institution and profession, advocate for the mentee’s wellbeing, show support for the mentee’s academic advancement.

The award is $1,500. The nomination deadline is Monday, July 31, 2023.

Selection process

A Selection Committee will review all nominations and select an awardee.  The committee is advisory to the Dean who will make the final selection.

Award Presentation

The award winners will be announced by the Dean. The Dean will notify each awardee’s Department Chair. The Dean’s Office will be responsible for appropriate publicity in University and non-University publications.