Brian Nosek

Nosek, Brian

Primary Appointment

Professor, Psychology

Contact Information

PO Box 400400
Gilmer Hall 201
Telephone: 924-0666

Research Disciplines


Research Interests

Implicit cognition, open science, open source software development, reproducibility

Research Description

The implicit cognition research group integrates basic psychological research, methodological and technological innovation, and public education to advance understanding of implicit cognition - thoughts and feelings that exist outside of conscious awareness or conscious control. Our group includes students and academics in social and cognitive psychology, quantitative methodology, and computer science and communicates with academics and professionals in business, education, law, public policy, medicine and health.

Conscious experience provides a compelling narrative for understanding who we are and why we do the things we do. Surprisingly, these introspective assessments are often as inaccurate as they are persuasive. Much of perception, thinking and action is shaped by implicit processes - mental activities that proceed outside of conscious awareness or control. Our laboratory studies implicit cognition and how thinking is shaped by the social context in domains such as attitudes, beliefs, and identity. We apply sophisticated quantitative and methodological procedures to clarify the structure and function of implicit cognition.

UNLEASH (Undergraduate Research)

We are examining how conscious or non-conscious aspects of people’s attitudes can influence judgments and behavior. Although attitudes include aspects that they can report, we are particularly interested in the influence of automatic, non-conscious attitudes, especially when they differ from the attitudes people can directly report.
RAs are involved in running experiments, entering and analyzing data, and helping create new studies. Other duties might include data entry, literature searches, article reviews, and study design. Interested students can also assist in programming computer studies related to behavioral research. RAs attend lab meetings with faculty and graduate students to gain research experience and expertise.
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