Barnett Nathan

Nathan, Barnett R.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Neurology

Contact Information

PO Box 800394
McKim Room 2125
Telephone: 434-924-8371

Research Interests

Experimental meningitis & brain abscess, the role of substance P & nitric oxide on microglia in CNS inflammation.

Research Description

Laboratory research is directed toward the investigation of the pathophysiology of central nervous system infection. Experimental models include brain abscess and meningitis. New antimicrobials are tested for their efficacy in treating brain abscess and bacterial meningitis. The MRI changes in bacterial meningitis are also investigated. On a more cellular level investigations into the relative rolls of substance P, nitric oxide, and microgolia in models of CNS infection are investigated with tissue culture as well as molecular genetics techniques.

Clinical investigation involves fever in the intensive care unit, particularly the role of neurogenic, non-infectious fever.

Selected Publications