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polygamy in South Africa
the face veil in Europe
indigenous women in Canada"-------Research Description: When and why do conflicts between culture and women?s rights emerge as public policy problems? What are the political consequences of these conflicts and why? In this book project, I compare three very different cases to answer these questions: policy reform on polygamy in South Africa the implementation of indigenous women?s return to the reservation in Canada
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Website: and the European Court of Human Rights adjudication of the face veil in Europe. I am finding that politicians construct conflicts over culture and women?s rights to advance nation-building projects. These conflicts entrench the domination of minority women and make everyone?s rights vulnerable to political opportunism. My sources for this project include primary documents like policy reports and over 100 interviews I conducted of politicians

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Multiculturalism, women's rights,polygamy in South Africa, the face veil in Europe, indigenous women in Canada

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