Douglas Taylor

Taylor, Douglas R.

Primary Appointment

Professor and Chair, Biology

Contact Information

PO Box 400328
Telephone: 434-982-5217

Research Interests

Evolutionary Biology

Research Description

Most of our work involves the study of plant reproductive systems to address broader evolutionary issues. For example we study how evolution is influenced by the fact that populations are distributed in space (population structure) using gynodioecious plants as a model system. Several projects focus on how selection at one level or organization subsumes, or is subsumed by, selection at higher levels or "levels of selection". This has led us into studies of genetic conflict such as epidemics of selfish genes within natural populations and mitochondrial diseases that result from the accumulation of parasitic organelles within cells.

Students generally develop their own research programs so the research going on in the lab is diverse. Follow the research links for details of our projects on levels of selection, evolution in structured populations, selfish genes & genetic conflict, speciation, phylogeography and molecular evolution.

Our work involves a wide variety of methods: phylogenetics & molecular population genetics, field experiments, greenhouse experiments & crossing studies, theory.

For more information on research interests, see my lab webpage:

Selected Publications