Edward Kelly

Kelly, Edward F.

Primary Appointment

Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences

Contact Information

The Division of Perceptual Studies
P.O. Box 800152
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: (434)924-2281
Fax: (434)924-1712
Email: ek8b@virginia.edu
Website: https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/who-we-are/dops-staff/ed-kellys-bio/

Research Interests

physiological correlates of psi altered states of consciousness

Research Description

Broadly, mind/brain issues and cognitive neuroscience, emphasizing (a) phenomena that challenge current neuroscientific dogma (mind-brain “identity” theory in all its forms) (b) neurobiologically realistic models of human cognitive function, and (c) research technologies that permit direct visualization of the activity of the working human brain.

Psychophysiological and electrophysiological research methods, with special emphasis on development of novel high-resolution EEG techniques for non-invasive visualization of localized patterns of neocortical activity, and comparison of neuroelectric responses with the hemodynamic responses revealed by concurrent FMRI.

Research methods in general, including statistics, computer programming, and applications of computers in research.

Selected Publications