Giorgio Carta

Carta, Giorgio

Primary Appointment

Professor, Chemical Engineering


  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware

Contact Information

PO Box 400741
Chemical Engineering Bldg, 118
Telephone: 434-924-6281

Research Disciplines


Research Interests

Separations Technology and Biocatalysis

Research Description

The emphasis of our work is on the downstream processing of biotechnology products. Our efforts are devoted to:

The development of physical and mathematical models to describe and optimize chromatographic processes for the recovery, separation, and purification of biological compounds and of adsorption processes for the efficient removal and recovery of aqueous contaminants.

The development of novel advanced materials for bioseparations including large-pore particles, gel-composite media, and polymer-grafted ion exchangers for high performance and high throughput protein separations. We are especially interested in polymer hydrogels as separation media since such gels can be synthesized with a range of properties desirable for protein chromatography.

Studies on protein transport in ion exchangers using a variety of macroscopic and microscopic techniques with the goal of gaining a fundamental understanding of equilibrium and transport processes. We are studying the fundamental relationships between polymer properties and partitioning and diffusion phenomena of proteins in order to develop criteria for optimum design of the separation medium.

Preparative chromatofocusing for efficient pH-gradient based protein separations using stationary phases containing weak acid or weak base groups and non-adsorbed buffers. Our work is focused on developing optimum buffer compositions and modeling pH transitions that permit efficient separations of protein variants.

Selected Publications