Jae Lee

Lee, Jae K.

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor, Public Health Sciences

Contact Information

PO Box 800717
Telephone: 434-982-1033

Research Interests

Genomic expression-based personalized chemotherapeutic response prediction; Integrative pathway modeling on atherosclerosis and cancer immunogenicity; Discovery of chemosensitivity biomarkers and novel chemotherapeutic compounds.

Research Description

Dr. Lee has extensive experience in statistical research in molecular genetics and bioinformatics. He has worked on statistical approaches to genetic population inference, DNA structure analysis, high-throughput gene chip technologies, and linkage association study for human genetic diseases. He has also applied and developed computational statistical techniques to attack various challenging problems in molecular biology and cancer genetics. This includes anticancer gene-drug discovery on high throughput gene expression data and linkage association study for identifying quantitative trait loci of pedigree data. Dr. Lee's current interest is in the analysis of microarray gene expression data. Dr. Lee serves as Director of the UVA GeneChip/Microarray Bioinformatics Core (GMB), which provides statistical and bioinformatics support for UVA researchers' microarray studies.

Selected Publications