Mark Quigg

Quigg, Mark

Primary Appointment

Professor, Neurology

Contact Information

PO Box 800394
McKim Hall
Telephone: 434-924-5312

Research Interests

Epilepsy surgery, chronobiology of epilepsy

Research Description

Laboratory research centers on the interaction of circadian regulation and the temporal clustering of partial seizures with the goal of defining the anatomic and neuroendocrinological modulation of temporal lobe epilepsy. This research involves both an animal model of chronic limbic epilepsy and human subjects with medically-refractory partial seizures.

Clinical investigations center on the diagnosis and treatment of medically-refractory epilepsy , including epilepsy surgery. These studies involve development of electrographic and neuroimaging techniques that can better identify the epileptogenic zone. Participation in anticonvulsant drug trials is also ongoing.

Selected Publications