Nick Guagliardo

Guagliardo, Nick A.

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology


  • BS, Psychology, University of Florida
  • PhD, Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Virginia

Contact Information

1340 Jefferson Park Ave
Pinn Hall Rm 5045
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-924-5644

Research Disciplines

Biophysics, Cardiovascular Biology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Pharmacology

Research Interests

Modulation of aldosterone production in health and disease.

Research Description

The focus of my research is on the modulation of aldosterone production. Aldosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the outer-most layer of the adrenal gland, a zone termed the zona glomerulosa. The function of aldosterone is to regulate water and salt homeostasis in the body, and consequently plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Hyperaldosteronism, a common pathology in individuals with pronounced hypertension, results in inappropriately elevated circulating aldosterone that promotes and exacerbates vascular, cardiac, and renal disease.

Current projects focus on how the unique structure of the zona glomerulosa provides a framework for modulating aldosterone secretion. We interrogate the role of various membrane channels, as well as the intra- and extra-cellular forces that modulate the electrical and cell signaling pathways that stimulate aldosterone synthesis and secretion.

Selected Publications