Pamela Norris

Norris, Pamela M.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


  • PhD, , Georgia Institute of Technology

Contact Information

PO Box 400746
Telephone: 434-924-6295

Research Disciplines

Biotechnology, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Interests

Aerogel Technology

Research Description

Dr. Norris is the founder and director of the Nanoscale Heat Transfer Laboratory and the Aerogel Research Laboratory. The Nanoscale Lab houses a state-of-the-art facility for optical techniques in nanoscale heat transfer and performs experimental, computational, and theoretical investigations emphasizing interfacial thermal transport. The Aerogel Research Lab is active in production and material modification techniques for electrical, acoustical, and thermal isolation in sensors. Thermal management research has included techniques such as utilization of heat pipes for dissipation of waste heat aboard next-generation aircraft and redesign of landing pads and jet-blast deflectors aboard aircraft carriers.

Selected Publications