Richard Stevenson

Stevenson, Richard

Primary Appointment

Professor, Pediatrics

Contact Information

PO Box 800232
Telephone: 434-924-8184

Research Interests

Cerebral palsy and secondary health conditions in children

Research Description

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability of childhood. Most children with CP live and grow to adulthood in their home communities. They are followed in their communities by primary care physicians who must provide health care maintenance. My research interests are in the study of secondary health conditions in children with cerebral palsy. Secondary health conditions complicate the specific motor impairments of cerebral palsy and can have a profound impact on the health-related quality of life of these children and their families. The secondary health conditions we have chosen to study include primarily malnutrition (and associated poor growth), osteoporosis/osteopenia (and associated pathological fractures), chronic aspiration, and chronic pain.

Selected Publications