Robert Davis

Davis, Robert E.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Environmental Sciences

Contact Information

PO Box 400123
Clark Hall 386-B
Telephone: 434-924-0579

Research Disciplines

Environmental Sciences

Research Interests

Synoptic and applied climatology, statistical climatology, climatic change, bioclimatology.

Research Description

The climate at any one location is determined by the temporal progression of synoptic-scale weather events. My research focuses on the temporal and spatial variability of these synoptic-scale systems and their impact upon various environmental parameters, such as air-quality and human health. Current research involves examining how weather and climate influence severe cases of respiratory distress, which can be related to both pollutants and aeroallergens as well as short-term changes in weather conditions. I also investigate the linkages between synoptic-scale and smaller spatial scale phenomena. This research has resulted in climatologies of deep-water waves, stability and long-range transport of pollutants, and severe weather. Finally, I am actively involved in the examination of climate change and variability in the context of synoptic-scale circulation.

Selected Publications