Robert Chevalier

Chevalier, Robert L.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Pediatrics: Nephrology

Contact Information

PO Box 800386
MR4 Room 2034
Telephone: 924-5093

Research Interests

Obstructive nephropathy, developmental nephrology

Research Description

Congenital urinary tract obstruction accounts for most cases of renal insufficiency in the infant. Using cell culture techniques and experimental animal models of unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO) , we have demonstrated that compared to the adult , the neonatal kidney is more susceptible to the injurious effects of ureteral obstruction. We have developed models of chronic partial UUO in the neonatal rat and mouse , and found that obstruction leads to cellular apoptosis and necrosis at the glomerulotubular junction and formation of atubular glomeruli. We are currently studying methods of reducing tubular injury to avert formation of atubular glomeruli and progression of renal insufficiency. We are also investigating new biomarkers of renal injury in our animal models , in order to track progression and response to therapeutic interventions. Our goal is to develop strategies to improve growth and development of the kidney subjected to UUO in the fetal or neonatal period.

Selected Publications