Scott Acton

Acton, Scott T.

Primary Appointment

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact Information

Telephone: 0000000000

Research Interests

Image and Video Processing; Biomedical Image Analysis; Biomedical and military tracking problems; Content-based image retrieval; Diffusion algorithms, active contours; Image morphology and scale space

Research Description

Scott Acton's research group, Virginia Image and Video Analysis (VIVA), specializes in image analysis techniques such as image segmentation and motion tracking. Current projects including tracking cells observed in vivo, tracking military targets in clutter, developing techniques to process remotely sensed imagery, and seeking new ways of retrieving images by content. Theoretical interests include diffusion algorithms that utilize partial differential equations, scale space theory, active contours (snakes), level set theory, optimization techniques for image processing, and image morphology.

Selected Publications