Shigehiro Oishi

Oishi, Shigehiro

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Contact Information

315 Gilmer Hall
Telephone: 243-8989

Research Disciplines


Research Interests

Culture, social ecology, and well-being.

Research Description

I am a personality and social psychologist interested in culture, social ecology, and well-being. My major research goal is to uncover the causes and consequences of well-being.

UNLEASH (Undergraduate Research)

We are conducting experiments on the following projects: 1) Misunderstanding and understanding in interpersonal perception; 2) Cultural differences in happiness; 3) Residential mobility and its relation to prosocial behavior and consumer behavior; and 4) Physiological measures of well-being.
RA responsibilities include preparing experimental materials, conducting experiments, entering data, coding, and data acquisition. Applicants must be responsible and motivated about doing psychological research.
Contact: Hyewon Choi

Selected Publications