Tracy Larson

Larson, Tracy A

Primary Appointment

Assistant Professor (Academic), Biology


  • PhD, Biology, University of Washington

Contact Information

PO Box 400328
PLSB 304, 90 Geldard Drive
Telephone: (434) 297-7946
Email: tal8d@Virginia.EDU

Research Disciplines

Cell and Developmental Biology, Neuroscience

Research Interests

Integrative Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Description

Tracy Larson explores the origins, functions, and mechanisms underlying natural variation in the spatial and temporal patterns of adult neurogenesis by integrating behavioral genomics, comparative neuroanatomy, and cellular biology with mechanistic studies.

Larson’s current studies utilize the unique relationship between plasticity in birth and death of neurons in the songbird brain and the ability of the songbird to sing high quality, ‘attractive’ song. Questions she explores include: What are the mechanisms that promote regeneration of the adult brain? Can mechanisms that are robust in songbirds be exploited to encourage the addition of new functional neurons in the poorly regenerating mammalian brain? What cellular mechanisms modulate adult neurogenesis and how have they evolved?

Selected Publications