Zhifeng Shao

Shao, Zhifeng

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor and Chair, Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics


  • BS, Physics, University of Nanking
  • PhD, Physics, University of Chicago

Contact Information

PO Box 800736
Telephone: 434-982-0829

Research Interests

Molecular Imaging and Single Molecule Biophysics

Research Description

Our research covers several related but different areas. One of the major areas of research is the development of state of art instrumentation for biological studies. These have included the cryo atomic force micrscopy, video fluorescence microscopy, near field scanning ion and optical microscopy, single molecule manipulation and electron energy loss spectroscopy. Our recent scientific inquiries have included membrane assembled baterial toxin complexes, molecular motors (functional and structural), structure of chromatin, lamin B recceptor, analysis of model channels and nuclear structure.

Selected Publications