Primary: Psychology

Allen, Joseph P.

Adolescent Social Development

Boker, Steven M.

Dynamical Systems Analysis of Behavioral Data; Interpersonal Coordination; Postural Control

Brunjes, Peter C.

Use the olfactory system to examine general problems in the brain maturation, including the role of afferent activity on tissue development and the interplay between evolution and development.

Clore, Gerald L.

The effects of emotional experience on cognitive performance and behavior, including the role of emotion in art and other aesthetic experiences.

Coan, James A.

Neuroscience of Emotional Expression and Individual Emotion-Regulation Capabilities

Connelly, Jessica J.

Epigenetic mechanisms involved in complex human disease

Converse, Benjamin

goal pursuit and motivation; social judgment; behavioral decision making; cooperation and competition

Diener, Edward

The psychology of well-being

Dodson, Chad S

Memory, with an emphasis on the occurrence of (a) false memories, (b) overconfidence in one’s memories and (c) changes in memory across the lifespan.

Emery, Robert

Children, Families and the Law