The Fiske Drug Discovery Laboratory is the home of the Lazo Lab (LazoLand) and the Sharlow Lab (Sharlowville). The Fiske Drug Discovery Laboratory is located in MR4 Room 4062

John S. Lazo’s
Phone: 434-243-1936
Email: lazo@virginia.edu

Elizabeth R. Sharlow’s
Phone: 434-243-1937
Email: ers7g@virginia.edu

General Laboratory
Phone: 434-243-1648


New Grant From the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Elizabeth Sharlow, John Lazo and George Bloom were notified by the Cure Alzheimer Fund that their application entitled “Adult Human iNeurons: a Next Generation Drug Screening Platform for Alzheimer’s Disease” for a total of $458,498 over a two year period will be funded beginning November 39, 2020.

Academic Drug Discovery Consortium

The UVA Fiske Drug Discovery Consortium is now a member of the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium.