Steven M. Powell, MD

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Stephen Powell, MD


Associate Professor, Medicine: Gastroenterology and Hepatology


PO Box 800708
2nd Floor Multistory, 213
Telephone: 434-243-9309
Fax: 434-244-7527


  • Clinical Fellowship, Gastroenterology, Johns Hopkins Oncology Center
  • Residency, Internal Medicine, Indiana University Medical Center
  • BA, Mathematics, Depauw University
  • MD, Medicine, Indiana Univ. School of Medicine, Indpls., IN


Colorectal cancer risk assessment and molecular tumorigenesis of colon cancer, gastric cancer, and Barrett’s esophagus.


Gastrointestinal cancers generate one of the largest health burdens on society. Thus, our team’s primary focus is advancing our current diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic armamentarium to combat these lethal cancers.

Recent advances in the fields of molecular genetics and biology provide new avenues we are using to increase our understanding of the development of these gastrointestinal cancers. Investigations include molecular biologic analyses focused on familial and sporadic cases of these cancers, including colorectal and gastric cancers. In defining mechanisms of gastrointestinal tumorigenesis, we analyze tumor and normal specimens at the genetic and protein levels employing established and state-of-the-art molecular techniques.

We also are developing new methodologies to examine normal and tumor cells to identify critical changes in these cancers and new avenues to identify best those at higher risk for colorectal cancer and relaying recommendations appropriate to those at risk.