Alexa Caffio-Learner

August 23, 2019 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Hi, I’m Alexa, and I’m originally from Montgomery County, Maryland. I double-majored in biology and Spanish at Washington and Lee University (just an hour away from UVA), where I decided to pursue medicine. During college, I worked at a Montessori preschool, investigated salamanders in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and volunteered as a tutor/translator for English for Speakers of other Languages. I even served as editor-in-chief of W&L’s Spanish-language literary magazine!

All this contributed to my decision to work toward becoming a pediatrician able to serve both English- and Spanish-speaking patients. I think communication is not only one of the biggest barriers, but also one of the biggest opportunities for high-quality medical practice. At UVA, I am leading a weekly medical Spanish practice group with the Latino Medical Students Organization.

I have enjoyed participating in the GSP so far and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in primary care. It provides extra opportunities to learn more about our community’s healthcare needs, the forces affecting the distribution of primary care resources, and the role of primary care providers (PCPs) in advocating for equitable healthcare. PCPs shoulder much of the responsibility associated with actual patient care, and we owe it to our future patients to understand that care extends beyond the doctor’s office. If any of this appeals to you, you should join us!