Ashley Volaric

October 21, 2015 by

Hello! I am a Double Hoo, originally from Richmond, VA, and am super excited to stay in the Charlottesville area for my medical education. During my undergraduate years, I developed a strong interest in chemistry and conducted research at a protein structure lab using EMR and NMR techniques. I majored in biochemistry, and then took a year prior to starting medical school working for a science consulting company up in Washington DC. I quickly confirmed that desk work was not in my future and was ecstatic when I was accepted into the Generalist Scholars Program here at UVA. I have a strong interest in family medicine, specifically in preventative medicine with a goal of eventually working in a practice that provides lifestyle management and nutritional counseling services. I believe GSP is a wonderful program that will provide whatever mentorship and support you need to pursue your career goals in primary care. During my free time, I love to run, do Hot Yoga, and stroll along the Downtown Mall perusing used bookstores with a nutella crepe in hand.