Catherine Jansch

October 9, 2015 by

I was born and raised in the Richmond, Virginia-area and attended UVA as an undergraduate student, which makes me a double-hoo! I majored in biology and minored in bioethics while working in a neuroscience lab. After graduating in 2013, I worked as a medical assistant in Northern Virginia, during which I enjoyed taking patient histories, assisting with medical procedures, and learning more about the healthcare field.

I am interested in pursuing a career in general internal medicine. The combination of evidence-based medicine and the various socioeconomic and cultural factors that shape patient health is an incredibly fascinating aspect of primary care. Generalist medicine will give me the opportunity to follow patients over time so that I may get to know them as individuals and monitor them as their health progresses or deteriorates. The patient-doctor relationship is very important to me and as such, I believe that primary care will be an appropriate fit for me. A career in this field will also allow me to establish relationships with patients that promote prevention, but also long-term treatment. The Generalist Scholars Program has given me the opportunity to further explore my interest in primary care, participate in research, and involve myself in the local community.