John Kalmanek

August 9, 2017 by

Hello! I was born and raised in Homer Glen, Illinois–a southwest suburb of Chicago— and received my B.S. in Science-Business from the University of Notre Dame. Pursuing Science-Business allowed me to take a bulk of science classes and a handful of fundamental business classes, while giving me the flexibility to pursue my other academic interests (namely Math and Psychology).

I am excited to become a generalist physician because primary care is truly at the intersection of my passions and aspirations. As a health nut, my eyes were opened to the importance of preventive medicine and community involvement after leading wellness programs at a free medical clinic near my hometown. As an enthusiastic educator, I have learned the importance of embracing a student-centered approach after teaching harmonica to both children on the autism spectrum and nursing home residents. My humbling experiences interacting with neglected members of society, and shadowing physicians who serve them, have fueled my aspirations to use a team-based approach to both holistically care for and empower the community I will eventually serve. I am so excited to keep learning and growing through the Generalist Scholars Program!

A lifelong resident of flat lands and a fitness enthusiast, I am excited to run and hike across the mountainous Charlottesville area. On rainy days, I can most likely be found either playing trumpet, watching Chicago sports, or stomping on my Dance Dance Revolution pads.