Jonah Lewis

February 23, 2023 by

I grew up in Scituate, a small town near Boston. I had a drive to make a difference that brought me to George Washington University (GW) in D.C. where I double-majored in Sociology and Political Science. I pursued my interest in public policy through internships focusing on LGBTQ and reproductive rights issues. I also developed a new passion for community service and engagement through my work with Jumpstart, an early childhood intervention program..

After graduating, I spent four more years working at GW in the community service office, supervising student volunteers, planning large events, and building relationships with community partners. During this time, I realized I wanted to take a more direct role in providing services to people, directly improving their quality of life. I turned to medicine as a career path.

With my breadth of interests, I became very interested in practicing full spectrum medicine through primary care and I am extremely excited to be attending UVA Medicine as a member of the Generalist Scholars Program.

In my spare time, I like to dabble in film photography, crossword puzzles, and baking.