Sylvia Kauffman

October 10, 2015 by

My interest in medicine stems from a desire to address disparities in health care access and a passion for combining science and communication. Having grown up around the world as the daughter of a diplomat, I’ve seen how wealth disparity and socioeconomic status affect quality of life and health outcomes. I studied biochemistry and philosophy at Allegheny College, visiting my family in India each winter and summer and learning about public health challenges in rural, developing settings. After graduating, I pursued a master’s of science in public health (MSPH) at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, focusing on global disease epidemiology and control. I put my skills to use as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru from 2011-2013, then returned to finish my thesis and begin medical school.

The Generalist Scholars Program appealed to me not only as a way to deepen my understanding of primary care in the United States and the challenges that generalists face, but also because of the mentorship offered through the program and the support offered to a future generation of primary care providers. Along with clinical training and my MSPH, GSP will help me integrate public health and policy-making into my career and enable me to better address the needs of underserved populations both domestically and internationally.